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We are a modern law firm. #lawfirm We integrate expert legal knowledge, business analysis, and a personalized approach. As a result, our clients can make simple, safe, and informed decisions about what to focus on and what to set aside. #efficiency We think holistically. Thanks to our extensive experience from dozens of projects and business-minded thinking, we can turn current legal problems into competitive advantages. #opportunity

We provide services with the highest level of expertise and, thanks to our compact team of experts, also without unnecessary administrative costs. Clients always receive precise and reliable results. #professionalism We love innovation and are constantly learning. #innovation

Mgr. Jiří Císek

Jiří founded the law firm in 2019 with the aim of bringing the world of law and the world of business closer together in the segments of digital services and e-commerce. Jiří focuses mainly on copyright law, software contracts, cybersecurity and digital services. In 2018, he was named Czech Innovative Lawyer of the Year. In 2023, he has been named a notable practitioner in copyright law by IP STARS and a year later in trademarks by World Trademark Review.

Mgr. Klára Bortlíková

Klára has extensive experience in real estate law, real estate transactions, employment law and corporate compliance. This significantly broadens the scope of the firm’s services. She deals with data protection, employment issues, including the proper setup of cooperation with different types of freelancers, and whistleblower protection. Her expertise enables the firm to provide clients with an effective full service. Because she has a constant desire to educate herself, she helps clients stay abreast of innovations.

JUDr. Jakub Peštál

Jakub is an expert in commercial law and dispute resolution in litigation and other business-to-business proceedings. He also has experience in financial markets law, crowdfunding and licensing proceedings before the Czech National Bank. He is also interested in the provision of digital services in the European Union market.

Iva Huňařová, DiS.

Iva is the back office manager. She takes care of the operational needs of the office, including dealing with suppliers, financial controlling or human resources. At the same time, she communicates with clients and makes sure they have what they need.

Mgr. Jan Přívora

Jan has been studying the field of information technology law. He also deals with issues related to domain name protection and electronic signatures (generally services that create trust). Jan has experience in analyzing and implementing obligations in the field of cybersecurity (NIS directive and the currently prepared Czech implementation of NIS2) as well as provision of digital services (under the DSA regulation).

Zuzana Lorenzová

Zuzana is a senior paralegal manager. Besides specializing in intellectual property law (especially trademarks and enforcement) and e-commerce law (e-shops, online advertising, consumer law), she is in charge of managing the paralegal team and managing the firm’s social media profiles. She has been involved in major projects in the field of brand enforcement and unfair competition.

Martin Bolvanský

Martin is a senior paralegal. He focuses on cybersecurity law, electronic legal transactions (including electronic signatures) and provision of digital services (digital services act). He has been involved in a number of major projects in the areas of digital services provision, telecommunications and media and software licensing.

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