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We are a law firm specialized in providing legal support for businesses and entrepreneurship.

Úvodní fotografie s Jiřím Cískem, Veronikou Šamberovou a Jakubem Loblem

Experts in IT and intellectual property law.

We are a law firm from Brno, which has experience especially in IT law, intellectual property law and data protection law. We mostly provide legal advice in business transactions involving software or digitalization of any solution. On a daily basis, we also deal with issues related to copyrights or trademarks.

Thanks to a compact team of experts, we can provide services with the highest level of expertise and without unnecessary administrative costs. Clients always receive precise and reliable results.

Mgr. Jiří Císek

Jiří Císek specializes in IT law, intellectual property law and data protection law. As an external lecturer he teaches these areas of law for Masaryk University in Brno and C. H. Beck Academy.

Mgr. Bc. Veronika Šemberová

Veronika Šemberová focuses on social media and e-commerce law (B2B and B2C). Veronika is also interested in law in the fashion industry and industrial design.

Mgr. Klára Bortlíková

Mgr. Klára Bortlíková specializes primarily in employment law. She also has extensive experience in civil procedure, family law and real estate law.

Mgr. Jan Přívora

Mgr. Jan Přívora is a graduate of the Faculty of Law of Masaryk University in Brno, focusing mainly on IT law, cyber security and trademarks.

According to us, legal services must:


Be precise.


React to client's needs in real time.


Be provided in a modern and transparent manner.


Lead to bulletproof results.

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